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social media ideas

  1. Instagram – using the platform I would like to make modern Instagram profiles for characters of my fictional series or of characters in one of my favorite series. Or even make social media pages for famous authors with pictures, ideas, posts, rants and such that in keeping with their philosophy, idealogy, or literature. I think this would be interesting because it could engage with the fan base of these characters.
  2. Tumblr – using this platform, I had an idea to make a Writblr, which is essentially a Tumblr blog about the different works in progress of currently unpublished authors in order to get followers and people who will care and follow their work. This is a good way to build a platform before you get published and might help build your revenue when you do get published.
  3. Twitter – this social media platform would be cool to make a story that is influenced by the people who follow. So you set up a scenario at the beginning of the twitter story with options for where it goes in a twitter poll. Then, whichever option wins the poll determines the next part of the story. In this way, people could interact and have a say in the story and what happens to the characters. And, anyone can jump in and vote in a different segment whenever they want.

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