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My podcast is the second installment of The Lit Bean Podcast, a virtual coffee shop for writers by writers! Jessica, Tristan, and I kicked around the idea of opening a cafe together called the Lit Bean when we were still able to go outside, and since our concepts for the podcast project were similar, we decided to make them part of a series! They are mostly the reading of poetry and relaxing from the stressful world outside, which is something we all need in times like this. We added talking about our coffee of choice to add to the cafe vibes and encourage others to sit down with a hot beverage and take a moment for themselves.

As a writer and a poet, I find that listening to poetry is such a soothing experience. So for my podcast, I wanted to share our tradition of going to Lit Night at the Artist’s Hand. The last Friday of every month, my two best friends and I go and read and listen to other poets, so I wanted to feature them and their voices as well as mine. My aim was to make it like the listener was sat in a cafe, listening to the ambient noises and relaxing with a coffee cup. And Audacity, as an audio/podcast program, made it easy to add that underneath the talking. I think if I was to expand on the idea, I would talk more about the pieces that were read and the connection to the pieces. One of the important parts of Lit Night is an introduction to why you were reading a piece, maybe about the emotional state of the week you’ve had, or how you’ve been dealing with writer’s block, but this poem spoke to you on an emotional level.

I hadn’t expected the talking and recording to be so difficult. Everytime I messed up, I felt like I should be doing better. I couldn’t figure out how to cut out one part of the audio where I had flubbed up a word, so I just deleted it and recorded the entire two minute poem again. Some parts I think felt too scripted and others, when I went off script, to feel more natural, were a little nervous and had some stuttering to it, which bothers me. So I think striking that balance was a difficulty, but ultimately at the end of the day, this is my first experience doing a podcast or even trying to read from a script for a recording, so it makes sense that it was hard.

Next time, I think I need to relax and not be afraid to breathe. I think if I were to continue podcasting, the rhythm and flow of the show would become more natural and I wouldn’t sound like I was thinking about what I was going to say before I said it.

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