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Final Project Proposal

For my final project I would like to return to my twine project from earlier. The concept is a bar that shifts depending on which name you choose. It was a fun story to work on and I managed to get two of the routes done, but I wanted to expand and finish the third one.

The first two routes you could go down are a bit more melancholy, softer, more about sitting down and talking to the patrons (who are ancient gods who are no longer worshipped in the ways they were before). But in the third one, The Solar Eclipse Bar, I want to experiment with the format and the choices. I kind of want it to be more about self-destruction, as opposed to finding your place within the bar.

I also wanted to expand the narrative of the other two bars, since I feel in some respects it was rushed in order to fit into the deadline of the project. The themes of the Serpent & Ram I want to be more defined as dealing with grief and loss and the Blue Feather is more about the trauma that comes from abuse.

I also think adding an ending where the narrator finds out that they are a god and they’re essentially coming home to their family would be a nice way to have an additional ending.

So, more endings, more planning, and definitely more graphics and backgrounds and colors!

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While I liked your podcast, I did think your Twine was also pretty solid — and you have a definite plan on how you want to proceed — so let’s do that.

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