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I have decided that I would like to do a podcast. I think it fits the forms of writing that I prefer to do, while also forcing me to think outside the box of typical narrative fiction.

My first idea is to transmute a short story I’ve recently written into a type of criminal podcast. Obviously, the story is fictional, but it is kind of the folktale of what happened at an Island. So, the podcast would involve investigation and the reading of diary pages from the characters and their life goes to hell. It would be more involved and I’d probably have to be condensed into one episode and I’d probably if all goes well, make that my final project and do like three or four episodes? I think it might have a similar vibe to Night Vale, like a broadcast of events like the news, but probably less self-aware than Night Vale is.

My second idea involves my friends. We love to go to Lit Night at the Artist’s Hand. It’s a monthly poetry slam and we love to go and read our poetry. Of course, now that COVID-19 has destroyed all of our social engagements and my friends live four hours away, this might be the perfect opportunity to do something like Lit Night for a podcast. I was thinking of maybe calling it the Artist’s Showcase? I would have my friends send a recording of them reading their poems, I would do mine of course, and then I would cut them together as almost like the narrated feeling of being in the coffee shop and hearing our poems.

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