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Final Project Proposal

For my final project I would like to return to my twine project from earlier. The concept is a bar that shifts depending on which name you choose. It was a fun story to work on and I managed to get two of the routes done, but I wanted to expand and finish the third one.

The first two routes you could go down are a bit more melancholy, softer, more about sitting down and talking to the patrons (who are ancient gods who are no longer worshipped in the ways they were before). But in the third one, The Solar Eclipse Bar, I want to experiment with the format and the choices. I kind of want it to be more about self-destruction, as opposed to finding your place within the bar.

I also wanted to expand the narrative of the other two bars, since I feel in some respects it was rushed in order to fit into the deadline of the project. The themes of the Serpent & Ram I want to be more defined as dealing with grief and loss and the Blue Feather is more about the trauma that comes from abuse.

I also think adding an ending where the narrator finds out that they are a god and they’re essentially coming home to their family would be a nice way to have an additional ending.

So, more endings, more planning, and definitely more graphics and backgrounds and colors!

Project Ideas

rough[ish] draft of the podcast

So Tristan, Jessica, and I decided to all have our podcasts connect together as a virtual cafe called the Lit Bean. Obviously, I think we’ve taken out creative liberties with how our episodes are structured, but they are intended to come together as a series.

Here is a kind of final draft of mine – –

So I guess the feedback I would want is if the coffee shop background noise is distracting or if it makes it feel more ambient? Is the fact that my audio quality is different than my friend Taylor’s jarring? Is it enjoyable?

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I have decided that I would like to do a podcast. I think it fits the forms of writing that I prefer to do, while also forcing me to think outside the box of typical narrative fiction.

My first idea is to transmute a short story I’ve recently written into a type of criminal podcast. Obviously, the story is fictional, but it is kind of the folktale of what happened at an Island. So, the podcast would involve investigation and the reading of diary pages from the characters and their life goes to hell. It would be more involved and I’d probably have to be condensed into one episode and I’d probably if all goes well, make that my final project and do like three or four episodes? I think it might have a similar vibe to Night Vale, like a broadcast of events like the news, but probably less self-aware than Night Vale is.

My second idea involves my friends. We love to go to Lit Night at the Artist’s Hand. It’s a monthly poetry slam and we love to go and read our poetry. Of course, now that COVID-19 has destroyed all of our social engagements and my friends live four hours away, this might be the perfect opportunity to do something like Lit Night for a podcast. I was thinking of maybe calling it the Artist’s Showcase? I would have my friends send a recording of them reading their poems, I would do mine of course, and then I would cut them together as almost like the narrated feeling of being in the coffee shop and hearing our poems.

Project Ideas The Wrath King


Vision & Mission

By making a Writblr on Tumblr, the mission would be to gain an audience and a following for my writing and series. As someone who likes to share her work anonymously and draws inspiration from other hardworking individuals, making a Wrtiblr would be a place to interact with the community, while also building my own branding.


The reason for using Tumblr is the ability to interface with other writers and creators. Tumblr is exactly the type place that it would perfect for having snippets, excerpts, pieces of trivia, interaction with people interested in the project, aesthetics, moodboards, character introductions, participate in ask games and memes, etc. On the negative side, Tumblr is a less popular form of social media. It can be difficult to be fished out in the sea of thousands of users and make your content noticed. However, I have been diligently following several Writblrs and their WIPs for about a year and I find the community is very welcoming, inviting, and fun. Tumblr is also a very easy platform to use and to format the posts in an aesthetically pleasing way.


My first course of action would be to make a Tumblr account dedicated to writing. Then I would work on making the writer’s introduction post, the WIP introduction post, perhaps even a few staples of the community (shitty comic sans Powerpoints introducing the wip and its world, doing an ask game about writing, playlist making, etc). Then I would probably add character profiles and aesthetics with little snippets of dialog or description from the scenes I have written with them. Then I would follow several writing blogs, reblog some of their creative work, their writing tips, strategies, writing prompts, and the like. Essentially, I would begin to build the basis of a resource blog that I can come back to and a place to build my brand as a fantasy writer.


My preferred method of presenting this would be to make a PowerPoint with screen captures from the Writblr, along with closeups of the aesthetic moodboards I’ve made (just to show them off because I love doing that sort of thing). I would probably, if this is what the project called for, talk about other authors who have been successful by gaining a following on the internet, whether for good or bad. And also how support from other authors is really important because writing is oftentimes such a solitary job.

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social media ideas

  1. Instagram – using the platform I would like to make modern Instagram profiles for characters of my fictional series or of characters in one of my favorite series. Or even make social media pages for famous authors with pictures, ideas, posts, rants and such that in keeping with their philosophy, idealogy, or literature. I think this would be interesting because it could engage with the fan base of these characters.
  2. Tumblr – using this platform, I had an idea to make a Writblr, which is essentially a Tumblr blog about the different works in progress of currently unpublished authors in order to get followers and people who will care and follow their work. This is a good way to build a platform before you get published and might help build your revenue when you do get published.
  3. Twitter – this social media platform would be cool to make a story that is influenced by the people who follow. So you set up a scenario at the beginning of the twitter story with options for where it goes in a twitter poll. Then, whichever option wins the poll determines the next part of the story. In this way, people could interact and have a say in the story and what happens to the characters. And, anyone can jump in and vote in a different segment whenever they want.
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Twine Stories

  1. my first thought for a twine would take place in a fantasy world. The main character has just finished their schooling and must choose a god to worship in order to move into a job. Depending on which god they choose, they will have three separate paths that will equip them with different things in order to solve a mystery surrounding the death of the Emperor.
  2. my second thought, since the first one is a bit broad and might take a lot of time to develop and run through, would be to do something related to ancient god and goddess myths, but set within a bar. It’d be less like a game, and more like a story that weaves and unfolds as it tells the tales of gods who are dying because people don’t believe in them anymore.
  3. and my third idea, which I don’t even know if I could manage to pull off, but I could try, relates to a strange time loop. Essentially, it begins with you, the main character, watching the railroad tracks and there is a girl standing beside them. A train is coming and you either have to save her or turn away. If you turn away, you go through the story but end up being the character about to throw yourself onto the train tracks and no one saves you. If you do save her, she throws you onto the train tracks. There is no way to “win”, but it’s just a weird idea.