Discussion Ideas

Reflection on Writer’s Studio

I think, as an artist, exploring different mediums has been the most beneficial to me. I tend to stick within the normal and traditional writing narratives, but being pushed out of my comfort zone was something I appreciated. I think I would’ve benefitted from not being stuck inside my house away from the creative people I tend to thrive with, but that’s not anyone’s fault but Corona. Luckily, Tristan, Jessica, and I had started a group chat before break so we were able to still communicate and create together, which was nice since circumstances were not ideal. I think my biggest struggle was getting out of my own head and admitting when my own technical skills did not live up to what I wanted to achieve on other creative projects. I had wanted to create a more professional podcast, but was limited by lack of knowledge and time. I wanted to do more cool things with my original broadside, but alas, I don’t have the artistic skills to pull it off, yet. But I have enjoyed working with new mediums and being acquainted with them, so that I can learn and move forward with them in the future. Without this class, I might not have looked further into InDesign, Audacity, Twine, etc.